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8139 Watt Ave Antelope,
CA 95843

Terms & Conditions

360 TRIKES is an individual supplier of Drift Trikes in Northern California we promise you the business you do with us will be one of many. We specialize in drift trikes and we absolutely understand your expectations.

  • 360 TRIKES is not responsible for any injuries or death caused by any use, misuse or abuse of the trikes.
  • 360 TRIKES is not responsible for any damage caused to the trike by racing or drifting in competition.
  • 360 TRIKES does not recommend removing the PVC slips on the rear tires since this can cause great injuries with increased speeds and/or loss of control of the trike.
  • 360 TRIKES recommends ages 16 and over
  • 360 TRIKES recommends that all riders wear safety equipment including helmets, elbow and knee pads and closed toed shoes.
  • All sales are final! No returns, exchanges or refunds unless we make the exception. California buyers be prepared to pay 7.5% sales tax at your final checkout.
  • Credit Card charges from Visa or Master Card are subject to a 3% charge added to the final sale price
  • Buyer must be home when we deliver.
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